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Hi, I’m Angela Thompson.
My family and I are giving a lucky family or individual a YMCA membership. Why?? Someone once told to me when I started my career path to find something you are passionate about and dedicate your time and energy towards it. The YMCA family has been a huge part of my life and my families lives for over 30 years. I believe in living a healthy lifestyle and I choose to be around other individuals who believe in the same thing.  

I walked into my first YMCA in Oskaloosa, Iowa in 1988. I soon became a fitness instructor and 4 years later I was hired as the Aquatic and Fitness Director in Newton, Iowa. I later married and started a family that also was very involved in the YMCA and all these years later we’re still involved. I have taught and attended classes at a YMCA in over 13 states. I want to pass on the YMCA love to a deserving family or individual by providing a membership.

All you need to do is click the button below to download and print. Complete the form and submit it via email to or drop it off at our NEW Winona office, located at 111 W 4th Street, Winona. 

Feel free to send pictures, be creative, have fun, and pass the word.
DEADLINE: December 14, 2020

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